Leading adult site Pornhub has started accepting cryptocurrency ‎‎payments for its premium content. Users can purchase all of ‎the ‎company’s membership plans utilizing a decentralized currency called ‎Verge.‎

Pornhub ‎ranks the biggest adult entertainment portal on the Internet, if ‎‎we don’t count illegal torrent sites. The adult company and its affiliate ‎sites ‎currently accept traditional ‎credit card payments and PayPal. ‎Today, it has expanded the billing options to add ‎Verge, a secure ‎anonymous cryptocurrency that is being designed ‎both for personal ‎and business use.‎

Cryptocurrency payments in the pornography business‎ are nothing ‎‎uncommon, but Pornhub is by far the biggest service to embrace a ‎‎relatively obscure digital currency. Most adult sites adopt‎ cryptocurrency ‎frontrunners like Bitcoin and Ether, often through the crypto payment ‎processor ‎Bitpay. ‎

The advantages of using cryptocurrencies to pay for porn content are ‎‎more or less obvious as it ultimately helps users jump over privacy ‎hurdles. People are not too keen to share their credit card ‎data with ‎adult websites and they have perfectly good reasons aside ‎from ‎anonymity. ‎

As for why the adult entertainment site specifically selected a lesser ‎known ‎coin, Pornhub said Verge was the No.1 choice of its users ‎based on ‎‎6,000 votes on its suggestion page.‎

Pornhub said that Verge gives subscribers the benefit of remaining ‎‎‎anonymous (actually pseudonymous) and allows the site to stay clear ‎‎of ‎financial blockades issued by credit card companies.‎

The company’s statement further reads: “Verge is a secure and anonymous ‎‎cryptocurrency, which is very near and dear to us here at Pornhub. ‎‎Verge provides that extra layer of security many people look for, ‎‎particularly in the adult entertainment industry.”‎

Last year, there was a vast array of adult sites that accepted ‎cryptocurrency ‎ for payments. The ‎list included ‎Amateur Canada, Hustler, alongside giant sized adult ‎service providers ‎such as Xhamster, Porn.com, Naughty America, and ‎more. In addition, the ‎major porn site ‘Xhamster’ has been accepting ‎bitcoin for a few years now. ‎