The cryptocurrency created for the Internet of Things, IOTA, will be ‎available to trade very soon on Bittrex, the world’s third-biggest ‎exchange, according to several media reports.‎

Things have developed in a rather interesting direction for the token that has no blocks, no ‎chain and also no miners, as of late. IOTA‎’s meteoric rise continued to shock the crypto community last ‎week as the currency soared another 150 percent within 2 days to hit new highs over ‎$5 per IOTA‎. Ever ‎since the altcoin reached its all-time high, things moved in a good ‎direction right off the bat. ‎

Wild trading saw different prices around the world: while the price was about $5.3 on ‎Wednesday afternoon, it fell to about $4.08 as of writing. However, the IOTA price is still up by as ‎much as 45% off last Monday’s close, which is pretty significant.

IOTA’s enthusiasts‏ ‏have begun speculating for more than a month that the decentralized cryptocurrency may be soon added to Bittrex, after DevIOTA ‎@deviota_com has confirmed in their Twitter that it will be listed in the popular cryptocurrency exchange.‎

The information was revealed by the user @Fevzii with these captures that ‎shows IOTA inside the Bittrex API code:‎

As multiple hopeful users have pointed out, the currency in the above code is ‎labeled “TROLL’, which is a sign that Bittrex plans to list the cryptocurrency.  ‎

Bittrex is a U.S.-registered cryptocurrency exchange, that ‎also operates as a wallet and ranked as the third in the top-10 ‎list, based on the trading volumes. ‎

Bittrex’s action, if confirmed, will be the IOTA’s biggest public launch ‎in such grand fashion. One thing to keep in mind is that despite this altcoin having the ‎fourth-largest cryptocurrency, following after Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash ‎respectively, IOTA is currently only listed on two major exchanges, ‎‎Binance and Bitfinex. ‎

While these two exchanges are clearly dominating the trading volume right now, ‎they seem to have a limited pool of users, particularly from the United ‎States. ‎As such, if IOTA gets added to Bittrex it could open the door to new buyers from ‎the United States, ‎which is only to be expected,‎ allowing the price ‎to go through a renewed massive pump cycle, possibly out of the blue ‎once again. ‎

While we have seen cycles like these affect IOTA in the past, which eventually come down in price in a ‎few days, but this time there is a lot of momentum in this market, as well as a strong trading ‎volume to back it up, which is pretty peculiar. Speaking of the IOTA trading volume, the ‎market has seen $170 million in volumes over the past 24 hours, implying a market cap over $11.2 ‎billion, which is anything but significant. ‎

However, this massive pump may eventually run out of steam ‎eventually, as the same happened when the IOTA price reached $1 not that long ago, ‎although the momentum reversed shortly after‏.‏

But again, listing the cryptocurrency in Bittrex‎, coupled with higher volume and market cap, ‎shows it will really take a lot of money to manipulate this market in any direction. ‎