Singapore-based blockchain startup Lala World today gathers top venture ‎capital and Blockchain investors to present its new financial ‎ecosystem, which aims to bring cheaper and more efficient financial ‎services to the unbanked communities. ‎

Taking place today, December 12th, the company will showcase its latest ‎innovative solutions and global partnerships during a private event that will be held ‎at the Baker Hostetler, Rockefeller Center in New York City.‎

It will feature a mix of general and breakout sessions that will expose attendees to Lala ‎World’s recent innovations which tap blockchain technology to provide the ‎underserved, particularly migrant workers, with seamless ‎access to a set of financial services without intermediaries or expensive transaction costs.‎

As an attendee, you’ll gain insights on important social issues such as ‎employment, digital ID’s, communities build up, government and NGO ‎partnerships and health issues. Further, you will be able to engage in collaborative ‎discussions of blockchain trends and dynamics, and in-depth knowledge on how the LALA ‎World’s ecosystem and related tools can aid organizations in bridging the gap between ‎cash, digital and the crypto world‎s.‎

Across the various themes and trends at the event, featured speakers present a ‎snapshot of the most transformative ideas shaping the blockchain future. The ‎event’s‎ speakers come from all over the globe. From all guests, we can ‎mention James L. Koutoulas of Typhon Capital, Peter Lewis of Wharton Equity Partners ‎and John Wise of Loci.

Michael Gord, CEO of MLG Blockchain Consulting, commented: “In collaboration with ‎Etheralabs, we are very excited to introduce Lala World to the growing blockchain ‎community in NYC. We are positive Lala World and their unique financial ecosystem that ‎caters to migrant families will be well received.”‎

In turn, Sankalp Shangari, CEO & Founder of LALA World, added: “We are pleased to have the ‎opportunity to interact with the fintech community in New York City to illustrate the many ‎ways LALA World is trying to improve human lives. Not only will we bring the best industry minds together, but we ‎will showcase our newly minted global partnerships. “‎

The event begins at 8:30 am and conclude at 4:30 pm with a private ‎dinner afterward.‎ For a list of topics, delegates and speakers please see