Exciting times lie ahead as we draw closer to Montreal’s first ever Blockchain ‎focused hackathon, BlockHacksMTL, which will take place over a 24-hour period on ‎March 23 and 24, 2018. The event has already received numerous applications ‎from individuals located across the globe, yet spots are limited so be ‎quick to sign up.‎

The hackathon will be open to entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, designers and developers who are invited to ‎envision and ‎build prototypes across blockchain platform, generously sponsored by ‎MLG Blockchain in association with TRON and BlockMason. ‎

Whether you are a competitive ‎developer or startup founder, this hackathon is an ‎‎ideal platform for you to interact with the blockchain industry professionals and ‎unlock your potential to ‎ideate, invent and develop. ‎

BlockHacksMTL is intended to be the largest crypto meetup ‎group in Montreal. The event welcomes all people, ‎communities, or organizations to join or speak as long as ‎the concept of blockchain remains in the spotlight.

So tell me about BlockHacks

The main theme of the hackathon revolves around, but is ‎not exclusively limited to, Blockchain. The organizers hope ‎to see several projects utilize talent and crypto-based ‎technologies to solve relevant issues. As an ‎example, click here to read about ideas that BlockHacksMTL has been working on.‎

BlockHacks will have several high-profile guests from the ‎Blockchain community participating as mentors and judges ‎for the different projects. ‎

All attendees will have the opportunity to join Stu Peters and Priom Chowdhury for a walk-through of a sample project from beginning to end, followed by a code review with senior developers.

During the workshop, Peters & Chowdhury will start with an overview on the EVM ‎with a focus on Parity. They will then explore Solidity, write a smart contract, ‎deploy and interact with it. Development tools specific to Ethereum will be ‎discussed and used throughout the workshop.‎

As entrepreneurs, this time-bounded collaborative event enables you to uniquely position your skills in a ‎competitive and growing industry. The Hackathon provides exciting opportunities ‎for you to develop and strengthen your skill set, whilst connecting you with key ‎members of the blockchain community.

BlockHacksMTL Venue

The hackathon will be hosted at Maison Notman House, Montréal, QC H2X 1X2‎, Canada. View Map.

At the end of the hackathon all teams will be able to ‎present their progress. On completion of the event, there is an awards dinner to name the competition ‎winners.‎

Prizes will be awarded in the form ‎of:

  • 5K in ETH
  • ‎3K in BTC
  • ‎2K in LRC Tokens‎



Time Activity
March 23
‎05:00PM Hackathon Opens‎‏
06:00PM – 06:30PM Team Registration‎‏
‎06:30PM ‎ Problem Statement Released
March 24
‎06:30PM ‎ Submission Deadlines‏
‎7:00PM – 9:00PM Presentations and Judging‎‏
9:30PM Winners Announced‎‏
‎9:30PM – 10:30 PM Drinks and Networking‎


*-Ticket Price includes Dinner on the night of the 23rd, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner + Drinks ‎on 24th. ‎

Selecting the winning projects ‎

Winning teams will be judged on concept originality, feasibility, level of ‎development and appropriate use in the realm of blockchain. The ‎best entries will be chosen by the esteemed jury for further ‎honing and winners will be awarded with exciting prizes!‎

The potential is also there to take the concept to live prototype with the event’s sponsors. ‎

Selecting the winning projects was not a task that the organizers take lightly. They want to set the bar ‎high and encourage people to take on ambitious projects which use blockchain technology to solve ‎pressing problems.‎

That’s why the organizers reached out to the leading figures in the blockchain ‎community to ask for their advice and support. They were incredibly lucky to have ‎several of these experts agree to come on board and volunteer their time to evaluate ‎submissions.‎

Introducing the all star judging panel….‎


Judge # 1: Laurent Féral-Pierssens

A business leader specializing in emerging technologies. He has been focusing on the blockchain industry and crypto-economy since 2016, when he took on the leadership for KPMG Canada’s Emerging Technologies practice.


Judge # 3: Ethan Wilding

Co-founder of L4 Ventures, co-founder of Ledger Labs, and a founding team member of Ethereum. He has a doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Waterloo.


Judge # 3: Isaac Souweine

A Partner at Real Ventures where he focuses on early stage investments into Montreal based companies. He is also General Manager of FounderFuel, Real’s accelerator program.


Judge # 4 : Sam Kawthrani

Sam is the Co-Founder and CEO of Corl, the world’s first revenue-sharing and equity token designed to support and participate in the growth of emerging companies.


Judge # 5: Manu Varghese

Manu has an extensive blockchain industry experience as an advisor and architect for leading industry stakeholders including enterprise customers, blockchain development teams and solution providers, regulatory and industry bodies and investors.


Judge # 6: Scott Moore

Scott serves on the investment committee of Astronaut Capital, a Singapore based blockchain investment firm; as an advisor to the C-Lab blockchain incubator program at York University; and as a selective consultant for several blockchain projects.


Judge # 7: Aidan Hyman

Aidan Hyman is the co-Founder and CEO at ChainSafe Systems.



More information about these judges were released by ‎BlockHacks ‎this week on the event’s Facebook page. ‎

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