As the blockchain scene continues to grow across Canada, we’ve seen an increase in events, meetups and hackathons related to blockchain startups. After attending MLG Blockchain Consulting’s event in Montreal, it is evident that this is only the beginning of a worldwide trend. The level of talent the developers, marketers, engineers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders that sold out the 3 Place Ville Marie venue are a representation of the growing global blockchain community then we are in for a truly wild ride.

On November 15th, I participated in the event to find out a bit more about the concept of airdrops and learn what MLG had to say about getting involved in the blockchain community. It wasn’t long before I came to the conclusion that airdrops represent a new revolutionary way to represent brands and build communities across the world. TRON was offering an airdrop, helping the Montreal community learn about the revolutionary decentralized entertainment blockchain tech.

The event, “Learn How To Get Involved In Blockchain,” hosted two speakers – both of which have years of experience working in this industry.

Both of the speakers discussed beginner level concepts related to the blockchain. The first was Ethan Wilding, founder of L4 Ventures and co-founder of Ledger Labs. As one of the founding team members of Ethereum, he had a lot to tell about the fast and surprising growth of Ethereum.

Attendee Chad Baldwin, was “baffled by the level of interest in the technology, and learned a lot from Ethan’s talk,” Baldwin discovered “the big idea behind the Ethereum protocol and what it’s future potential could look like”.

Michael Gord, came on as the second speaker, enlightening us on how to get involved in Blockchain technology. As the founder and CEO of MLG Blockchain Consulting, he speaks in many events around the world. This was already the 3rd talk in the past week. During his speech, I heard about TRON and it’s interesting use of technology. This blockchain startup, based out of Shanghai, has an idea that could revolutionize the way we share, promote, and track content.

tron airdrops montreal

TRON is a blockchain platform that wants to build the protocol backing online entertainment systems. It will allow for worldwide free content entertainment based on the blockchain and the concept of distributed storage technology. After speaking with the event organizers, it was evident that TRON’s commitment to growing its global community is paying off. The airdrop incentivized 80 people to learn about cryptocurrencies and set up their wallets for the first time.

Henrique, President at the McGill Fintech Association, was intrigued by his new TRX tokens.

“This event has inspired many of the members of the McGill Fintech Association to go out and become more active.” Henrique said.  “I believe this is only the beginning of innovative community-oriented methods by which to learn about the blockchain and the thought leaders of the industry.

As a representative of BTC Canada, it is evident that these types of events are empowering the community to take on large-scale blockchain projects and remain in the know how of everything that’s happening within the blockchain world. Be sure to sign up with us to our newsletter to stay up to date, thank you for being a part of our growing community!

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Disclaimer: BTC Canada was a media partner at the Montreal event. All opinions are the contributor’s own personal opinions.