The blockchain community in Asia is blossoming with the Blockchain Education Network organizing events across the continent. Last week, the Blockchain Education Network (BEN) kickstarted their series of global community events by introducing TRON to university students in Ho Chi Minh City. 


TRON X Blockchain Education Network Event

January 16th saw a smashing kickoff event in Ho Chi Minh City for the Blockchain Education Network’s (BEN) regional group, hosted in Vietnam’s most populous city. The motive behind BEN’s meetup was to help spread the word of how blockchain innovations will pull businesses into the future and spawn whole new markets to revolutionize the future economies of countries around the world. This collaborative vision between Vietnam’s local blockchain network and the globalized BEN delivered an excellent learning environment, both informative and practical for like-minded tech enthusiasts in the city.

TRON X Blockchain Education Network EventThe event had a killer turnout, with close to 300 participants who were hyper-engaged with the program, contributing feedback and questions that gave an electricity to the air and its attendants. People were wowed by some of the live demonstrations showing mining rigs, coin creation and more.

The parent company of ‘Blockchain Education Network Vietnam’, ‘BEN’ is a global organization that brings like-minded students together to advance the cause of the rising peer-to-peer network of the future. With a wealth of resources at hand and strong advocacy on university campuses throughout the Southeast Asian country, BEN builds a platform to ensure blockchain is clearly recognizable by the higher-ups at universities, aiming for schools to get funding in this area through promotion. For this event, they brought in expert speakers, each with a wealth of knowledge to shed light on a variety of areas to the information-hungry Vietnamese Youth, many of whom hadn’t an opportunity to learn such a great deal about the industry prior. Among the keynote speakers, the event was attended by global leaders in the industry and techies rabid for new ideas, covering topics such as:

  • Micro-communities and Network Effect
  • How Blockchain can bring banking services to the unbanked
  • Is Bitcoin Legal
  • Panel discussion

TRON X Blockchain Education Network Event

Some of the greatest interest of the event was generated by talks on the pioneering blockchain company TRON. TRON is a Chinese blockchain-based startup bringing a decentralized entertainment system to the masses. In addition, they promise novel data ownership for artists and creators, who on other online entertainment platforms commonly cease rights to their own work when they release it to the public.

TRON is carrying a lot of momentum with it right now, and for very good reasons. Last year its number of wallet users surpassed both Bitcoin and Ethereum at 10 million as fans await a distributed economy for music, films and video games. The possibilities seem limitless for such a groundbreaking nonprofit, who want to revolutionize copyright laws, transform how we interface with data online and deal with digital assets. Some of these assets include in-game purchases on video games and poker or sportsbook winnings, which are all interchangeable in value, wrapped up into the convenient, liquefiable digital TRX currency Tron uses.

While the average internet user is part of a number of networks whose value is generated by the users, the networks retain a hugely unfair portion of the profits the networks generate. And thus, Tron was born for normal internet users to finally reap the benefits of their contributions. At the event, MLG Blockchain Consulting hosted an airdrop at the TRON x Blockchain Education Network Event, which is essentially a digital giveaway, awarding people in attendance with Tron’s own TRX tokens.

TRON X Blockchain Education Network Event

This was a phenomenal opportunity to showcase not only the multifaceted ways TRON can improve people’s lives but promote visibility in the blockchain industry by a highly knowledgeable panel of industry leaders. A sizable crowd of students came forward after the event, clamoring to participate in the next and asking questions about how they could help grow the Vietnamese blockchain community.

Although still in its infancy, Ho Chi Minh City is slowly becoming a stronger place to connect with the local tech innovators and entrepreneurs in the blockchain realm, with dozens of Meet-Up groups gradually being formed that get together to discuss all things blockchain.