Vancouver championed another influential crowdfunding conference earlier this week in Gastown. It was organized by VanFUNDING on Sunday night and Monday. The event sold out early, leaving many clamoring for tickets. November 27th saw VanFUNDING’s welcome reception take place to an impressive turnout over cocktails at the forever-trendy ‘Diamond’ on Powell Street. The conference involved keynote speakers on everything from blockchain technologies to marketing and investing strategies, to crowdfunding and more. Audience members reportedly attended for a full day of education on emerging and innovative technologies, networking, pitches and the premiere hackathon which materialized at  J. Morris Wosk Center in Vancouver’s beautiful heritage district, sandwiched between Waterfront Station and the cobblestoned streets of Gastown.

VanFUNDING, a branch of the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada, has been organizing events like these for years. They’re a non-profit engaged with social crowdfunding, alternative financing and investing. As always, VanFUNDING lived up to their philosophies here of seeking to educate, inspire and connect.

It was an immersive event both dates, jam-packed with thought-provoking discussions, networking and partnership opportunities for investors. There was media coverage. Pitches were pitched, drinks were drunk, capital was raised and an expert panel of speakers shed knowledge on the fledgling blockchain industry to a roomful of piqued listeners. Industry experts shared and distributed knowledge with each other, development groups for tech and business and even dilettantes curious about blockchain, the peer to peer future of our digital marketplaces.

MLG Blockchain Consulting, Canada’s leading blockchain consultation firm was in full swing at the event. At MLG’s panel, the partners were brimming with excitement over a blockchain company called Tron. They assisted Tron by hosting an airdrop- essentially a digital giveaway, awarding people in attendance with free TRX (Tron’s currency).

Tron is a pioneering Chinese blockchain protocol and it’s carrying with it a freight train of momentum, having surpassed Ethereum and Bitcoin’s wallet numbers at 10 million users on board this year. Many people scrambled to get a piece of the pie during Tron’s ICO sale this year to no avail. Their goal is to tackle a $1 trillion digital entertainment market through blockchain implementation of a ‘distributed economy’. Audience members were excited to be some of the first people to hold assets in a company that could change the digital entertainment world.


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